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A.R.T. Active Remineralization Toothpaste

You don’t often think of toothpaste as being technologically advanced. But that’s exactly what Active Remineralization Toothpaste is.

It contains the active ingredient Calcium Sodium Phosphosilicate that’s so smart, it’s backed up by over 50 different scientific reports.

Our Active Remineralization Toothpaste strengthens your teeth by rebuilding the worn out surfaces and reversing the damage caused by acidic food and drinks. It also kills bacteria that cause tooth decay and gum problems, soothes gums and relieves tooth sensitivity.

Most importantly, the extra gentle formula doesn’t contain the harsh chemicals and abrasives found in other toothpastes.


Blanc Perfect
Professional Whitening Toothpaste

Five times the stain removal effect. Five times the satisfaction.

That’s what you get with Blanc Perfect™ Professional Whitening Toothpaste.

Our professional whitening formula with pearl powder and mannan beads, removes stains and restores whiteness and shine to teeth better than ever before. What’s more, we’ve added a helpful bunch of extra ingredients to help fight plaque, soothe gums and freshen your breath.

But the best part?

It’s one of the few whitening toothpastes around with no harsh abrasives. So it’s safe and gentle for everyday use.